AP Exams


There are two steps to sign up for exams this year.

1: Exam Payment 

You can pay with a credit card through SchoolPay.

Please see Kristina Bopray in the main office if you want to pay by cash or check. Write checks payable to TMHS. She can be reached at: kbopray@psdschools.org for more information. 


2. Registering with My AP College Board 


This is the site they will need to input their “join code.” When they first “join” the class through their MyAP account (same as their College Board account in terms of sign in info) it will automatically sign students up to take the AP exam.


Fees for Exams

$97 per exam if you sign up before 11/11/2022.

$0 if on free and reduced lunch status (Students will still need to go through both steps above including the payment website for verification of free/reduced status. Also, be sure you have filled out the proper paperwork THIS SCHOOL YEAR or we cannot waive the exam fee)

$137 if a student signs up between 11/11/22 and 3/4/23


Cancel Fees for Exams

There is a $40 fee if you cancel your exam after 11/11/22. 

***If you cancel after May 1, 2023, there are no refunds and you will not get any money back.***


No registrations are accepted after 3/4/2023

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