Contribution Fund

Timnath Middle-High School Annual Contribution Program

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!  We can hardly wait to see all your children and to start our inaugural school year at the new Timnath Middle-High School.  With a collective commitment from our staff, students, and parent community we are poised to create one of the best school experiences in Colorado.  This will be made possible with a shared dedication to continuous improvement and an investment of support from the entire school community.  We look forward to beginning this great work together to meet the learning needs of all our students and provide meaningful and authentic experiences throughout their time at TMHS. 

In this letter, I will outline a plan that will simplify our registration and fee collection process with a contribution program that, thanks to your support, will allow us to provide an excellent educational experience for all children at our school.  Historically, schools have collected required fees during registration to pay for consumable items that students use for different classes that are on their schedule.  These fees usually amount to $100-150 per student, depending on the courses that are on the student’s schedule.  The fees pay for items such as consumable science lab equipment, consumable art supplies, workbooks, tech supplies, English novels, etc.  These items are necessary to support our students to learn at high levels. 

Many schools also collect additional funds through a donation program, which can be used to fund special school projects such as music instrument refresh, equipment upgrades, and additional materials and technology to enhance experiences for our students.

At TMHS, rather than collect fees and donations in the traditional way, the contribution program will simplify and combine this process during registration in August.  We are asking that families provide an annual contribution that they are comfortable with at the beginning of the year.  The collected funds will be used to cover the costs of materials that are usually provided through the collection of required student fees.  Additional funds collected beyond what is needed to cover the consumable items that students need will be used to support special school projects, additional staffing, equipment purchasing and refreshing, and all other needs that will help to keep the experience for students at TMHS a great one. 

The recommended contribution amount per student at TMHS is $125, and we will gratefully accept a contribution of any amount.  If you can contribute more than the recommended amount, your money will help to support those who are unable to contribute or are willing to contribute a lesser amount.  Every dollar collected will be used to support our school’s vision of ensuring high levels of learning for all our students, impacting students directly and creating the best possible middle and high school experience we can for each of our Cubs!

Thank you for your support!


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Jesse Morrill, Principal

Contribution Fund

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